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does anyone here have the same problem with it's already been more than 4 days, i got a response from them that i need to send them a valid photo id and i did. is there any other alternative to register a domain that's cheap?


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I posted this on LET during the summer, but many people have a problem with CrazyDomains.  auDA, who oversee the .au ccTLD, hit CrazyDomains with a Breach of Registrar Agreement notice in June for, among other things, CrazyDomains' violation of Australian consumer law.  The 3 notices published by auDA

TL;DR CrazyDomains are a bunch of unethical sleazeballs
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I wrote about this on LET, too.

And some members imagined that I have obligation to send my ID to buy a $1 domain.

No, thank you!

I bought mine for 3.99 using Paypal and it was all.

I have not intention to use CrazyDomains any more. Exactly I do not use GoDaddy (SOA's friend).


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Depends on what's gone wrong, and who can 'fix' it :)
Yes. It might have been a stupid question.

Some registrars force you to contact their support to get the Auth/EPP code etc.

Anyway, according to my own experience with Crazydomains - their support is no worse than any other registrar, a little slow but certainly not "very poor".
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