Criteria for posting Hardware For Sale

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Howdy folks, thanks for choosing vpsBoard to list your server and networking hardware for sale. We appreciate that you considered us as an outlet for your overstock or no-longer-in-production hardware.

You may be eager to get your offer posted, however the following should be noted:

  • All offers require a moderator approval before being posted. Your offer must meet the guidelines listed below.

While we are appreciative that you wish to post your offer here, we do have guidelines in place so that we post only quality offers from trustworthy vendors. Due to this, not all offers may be eligible to be posted.

Criteria for submitted offers:

  • Submissions by owners of hardware only. You may only post offers for someone else if you work for them.
  • Submitter must have at least 10 posts before submission can become active.
Formatting guidelines for all submitted offers:

  • Title of post must include general description of what is being sold and must be descriptive of the offer.
  • Offer must include information to help the visitor calculate shipping costs. (IE: Package weighs XXlbs, shipping from [zipcode]
  • Only one offer per every seven (7) days may be posted.
  • Offer must include payment options.
  • References are encouraged.

The guidelines and criteria listed above will help create a quality offers section that we hope our visitors will enjoy and one that we hope brings traffic and sales to the providers who submit them.
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