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After latest SolusVM issues, I've been getting lots of emails and messages regarding our Backupsy control panel. A lot of people asked me if I can rent my solution to them. Well, our API and WHMCS module is only designed for KVM and for our needs and it's not in a state to be published since lots of things like installation and configuration is being done by hand at the moment. There is no easy way to deploy and it depends on 3rd party tools.

Our control panel uses Proxmox as the main backend. Utilizes PXE + kickstart/preseed scripts to do automated installations and uses monitoring tools for RAM, CPU, Network usage.

I've been thinking to recode the entire thing having other providers' needs in mind and creating an API that interacts with Proxmox + our tools. Since it already has the proxmox as an UI, the rest can be done in WHMCS. This eliminates the 2 control panel need and provides comfortable UI for the end users.

The idea I have would take lots of development time and I'd need to hire a couple of people to work with me while I'm managing them. And together we can build a rock solid, secure VPS control panel together in a time of 4-6 months.

What I need from providers who interested in contributing this project a recurring payment each month till the development is done. If I can find at least 50-60 people contributing ~$150-200 each month, I'd like to give this project a go and then in return license these contributors the software for free while renting it to others.

Let me know if you are interested.
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Cross response :

 Will you be able create a migration script? Make it a drop in Solus replacement instead of wiping/rebuilding everything and I am in.

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That's a hefty chunk of change you're asking for Oktay. Perhaps you could clarify where all that's going.


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@serverian, congrats on the panel / idea.

People complaining about the chip-in for this need to think about how much money and BS was gobbled up with SolusVM licensing.  Have to look at time investment and all sorts of variables.

Other providers tried to get into the panel business and raising donations outright.  That hasn't worked to date

I am glad to see the consideration.


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Myself and 6 other providers are working on financing a SolusVM replacement and there are 5 other companies I am in talks with. I hope to have a quote from the developer shortly.
Very excited to hear more about this. Really hope it goes ahead!