Custom kvm Enterprise Virtual cloud starts @ $14.97 / monthly


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New prices for our cloud systems, get the unlimited bandwidth while its still available. Our location is Tampa, Florida Hivelocity's Datacenter and we are expanding to the eu soon still searching for a good location, We offer the next generation of cloud servers using nothing but KVM technology, our control panel allows you to increase your resources, reload, destroy and create a vps how you want with the resources you buy. You can console your cloud vps with vnc access for easy troubleshooting but we are integrating the SPICE protocol soon to get rid of the vnc access follow us on facebook to find out when its completed.

Our cloud servers are truly redundant in every way. The hypervisors hosting your servers are connected to a centralized storage system on enterprise hardware with true hardware raid 10. We have redundancy in place at every point to avoid failures. Our uptime for the last 6 months has been at 99.99%

Enterprise Vps Solutions Provides WORLDWIDE SERVICES!!!! 

Here are a few CLOUD features:

- Complete elasticity for each Cloud instance
- Full control to re-size Cloud servers
- Low cost price for a High availability solution
- Full storage, network & platform redundancy
- Management Portal
- Reliable hardware infrastructure
- Windows and Linux Support
- Choice of Hosting Control Panels
- Full vnc access from client portal to allow troubleshooting of system

Take a look at our cloud offers

Our Enterprise Virtual cloud starts @ $14.97 / monthly

Starting with 1 CPU 2.27GHz
1024 RAM
40G Storage Space RAID 10 ARRAY
IPv4 1 free upgradable
IPv6 1 free upgradable

Cloud Link

Our Enterprise SSD Virtual Cloud Starts @ $37.47 / monthly

SSD Cloud:
Starting with 1 CPU 2.27GHz
1024 RAM
10G SSD Storage Space RAID 10 ARRAY
IPv4 1 free upgradable
IPv6 1 free upgradable

SSD Link

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Approved, nice coupon code title :)

What is the datacenter you use in Tampa? For future reference this must be included in your offers.