DDoS protection for IPv6?


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Is this a thing? Are people offering this? Are there even DDoS attacks being sent via IPv6 anyway?

Just occurred to me that I utilize three different providers that each offer some affordable DDoS protection. Each provider also offers IPv6, but my filtered IPs are of course IPv4.

I don't use IPv6 for anything. Been meaning to, as a means for my servers to communicate with each other (because apparently every provider I've randomly chosen has IPv6 despite me not really looking for it as a feature). So it got me wondering about IPv6 and the vulnerability of DDoS if protection isn't available for it yet.


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IPv6 DDoS attacks are rising in popularity but I am not currently aware of any service that offers DDoS protection or filtering with IPv6.


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This is why I don't run IPv6, even if available.  I explicitly disable it.

Unsure why companies aren't addressing it as a service offering.


The IPv6 DDoS are rising now, also there is not much protection against it. I dont have a vps or the knowledge about it, but I think that you can affect windows vm's in a vps node with the IPv6 flood attack, so DoS are also possible, I guess.