DECIDED to reserve my username like eva2000 and gsrdgrdghd

A Jump From Let

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Congrats on the new community  :D

Now I've joined, while the actual reason I've took time to register now even though I had not much time, is when I've read eva2000's comment here

Sad to hear that LEA is sad... this news is what sealed my decision to register here ...

that and to reserve my username  :D


That convinced me to register and throw everything else aside. Especially that I've seen in next posts a post made by gsrdgrdghd who I figured was also lucky and reserved that same beatiful username he had, of which could have been lost in seconds if he didn't take action. 

So congrats to me, eva2000, and gsrdgrdghd..And honestly to everyone on the new community.

I'd hope to have a blog added later so vps and low end crews can depend completely on here <3 

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