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    May 16, 2013
    Limited to 15 Signups Only!

    Hello Everyone,

    We're back with some goodies we'd like to share exclusively to VPSBoard Members/Guests!

    About us:

    Dedicated Minds specialises in affordable Web Hosting & Start-up Consultancy to small businesses throughout the UK. We as a team focus all our efforts into providing a stable platform for our clients to achieve a web presence with 100% uptime each month while not investing a arm and a leg! We're a relatively new, ambitious company based in Kent, edging our way into the market with realistic packages and a unique connection to our clients. 

    Few little updates on our upgrades which are coming:

    - Customer Personal FTP backup area in BETA-- Contact us!!

    -  All NYC Nodes will soon be Dual E5 Hexacores / 64GB + RAM / 4x 3TB SATA + LSIMegaRAID  :)

    - We'll be taking pre orders on our United Kingdom location ETA < 14 Days - Updates will be announced shortly!

    Our NYC VPS's are located at 100 William St, New York, USA -- Right round the corner from Wall Street!

    Manhattan, New York City VPS:

    - 256MB Yearly Special!

    - 2 CPU Cores / 15GB RAID-10 Storage / 256MB RAM-512MB vSwap /  400GB Bandwidth (100Mbps)  / 1 IPv4

    - $10.00 Semi-Annually / $20.00 Annually! (GET 15% DISCOUNT: VPSB15)

    Configure VPS 

    - 384MB OpenVZ

    - 2 CPU Cores / 25GB RAID-10 Storage / 384MB RAM-768MB vSwap /  500GB Bandwidth (100Mbps)  / 1 IPv4

    - $2.95 Monthly / $12.00 Semi-annually / $22.95 Annually  (GET 15% DISCOUNT: VPSB15)
    Configure VPS

    - 512MB OpenVZ

    - 3 CPU Cores / 35GB RAID-10 Storage / 512MB RAM-1024MB vSwap /  800GB Bandwidth (100Mbps)  / 1 IPv4

    - $3.96 Monthly  (GET 15% DISCOUNT: VPSB15)
    - Configure VPS



    - 1024MB OpenVZ

    - 4 CPU Cores / 50GB RAID-10 Storage / 1024MB RAM-2048MB vSwap /  1000GB Bandwidth (100Mbps)  / 1 IPv4

    - $4.96 Monthly   (GET 15% DISCOUNT: VPSB15)
    - Configure VPS


    - 1.5GB Monster OpenVZ

    - 4 CPU Cores / 70GB RAID-10 Storage / 1.5GB RAM-3GBvSwap /  1250GB Bandwidth (100Mbps)  / 1 IPv4

    - $7.00 Monthly   (GET 15% DISCOUNT: VPSB15)

    - Configure VPS

    Additional IPv4 Addresses: $1.50  -- cPanel/WHM JUST $10.00  --  DirectAdmin JUST $5.00!

    Network Information:
    Location: 100 William Street, New York, NY
    NYI Facility:
    100 William Street combines the efficiencies of an enterprise-class datacenter with the strategic connectivity advantages of being in the center of the world’s financial capital. From here, we deliver direct, sub-millisecond access to international backbones, along with diverse, low-latency fiber optic connectivity.
    Bandwidth Providers: GTT & Zayo
    Network: Ubiquity
    Test IP:
    1000MB Test File  - 

    Payment Methods: Paypal, Credit Card (Stripe) UK Direct Debit (GoCardless) & Finally: Bitcoin is accepted upon request.

    Got a question? Email us: [email protected] -- How about follow us  @Twitter?

    Thank you everyone for your fantastic support!

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    Sorry, thought I approved this earlier. Turns out I clicked the 'Thank You' button instead of the 'Approve' button, which are close to each other on a pending offer.
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    May 16, 2013
    Certainly not a problem :)

    Thanks for posting this weeks offer.

    UK is coming very soon & all NYC nodes will be getting a upgrade :)

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