Dedicated Server+cPanel+Cloud Linux


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Dedicated Server+cPanel+Cloud Linux 100$/month (20$ setup fee)

Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon E-5 2.00GHz 6t/12t

8 to 16 Gb RAM(depending on location)

500GB to 1TB HDD(depending on location)

cPanel licence included

Softaculous,RVskins included

Cloud Linux Licence Included

Provision time 4-24 hours

Pre installed cPanel,softaculous,attracta SEO,cloud flare,multiPHP selector...etc

Locations available Amstardam,Singapore,Melburn

Locations with upgrade to dual intel xeon E-5 and 16GB RAM +50$
2 CPU Intel Xeon 2.0GHz E-5 12 cores/24 threads 16GB Ram

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