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In my free-time, someone suggested I do a management system for tickets, emails, etc. like with twitter, facebook and possibily google+ integration.

I like the idea.

I am considering pricing, what do you think about these prices:

Note: * = subject to change/modification.


Full Support (free)

Self-hosted (free)

Closed-source (free)

Maximum 2 operators (free)

Package cost: $0.00


Full Support (free)

Self-hosted (free) OR remote-hosted by us ($2.00 - no limits*)

Open-source ($5.00) OR Closed-source (free)

Maximum 100 operators ($5)

Package cost: $5.00


Full Support (free)

Self-hosted (free) OR remote-hosted by us ($2.00 - no limits*)

Open-source (*free*)

Maximum 10,000 operators ($10)

Package cost: $10.00

BBO (Big Business Owner):

Full Support (free)

Self-hosted (free) OR remote-hosted by us (free - no limits)

Open-source (*free*) OR Closed-source (free)

Unlimited operators ($15)

Package cost: $15.00

All prices will be monthly billed prices.

Key features will include:

Twitter instant-support ticket by tweeting your business.

Global inbox (get mail, internal messages, etc.)

Support Tickets (support tickets with built-in live support module)


Knowledge Base

Project management (More information below)

Instant-bill (More information below)

-- Project Management --

Project management is a project management solution with internal messages, calender, etc.

-- Instant-bill --

Customer asking for something you charge for? No problem. With Instant-Bill you can instatly invoice the customer right from the support ticket/live chat.

Thoughts/suggestions would be appericated.
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I would use this at the basic level if you could do that open source. I like being able to brand and modify to my needs slightly. I would pay $5 a month for it easily.


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Well, the free edition can be branded in your name/logo just it will have powered by url in footer.