Difference between Wordpress Hosting And Web Hosting?


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WordPress : Is a frame work used to design blogs, dynamic websites through a open sources content management system .
Web hosting: It is an service were servers are rented to get hosted and mark the global presence


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imho it's a regular hosting service but with wp preinstalled. Also the hardware should be optimized for wp


In simple words, I can say that WordPress Hosting can be Web Hosting, but Web Hosting is not a WordPress Hosting.

For some instances, typically, web hosting relates to a sort of shared hosting where multiple websites share the space and computing resources of one server. But web hosting also covers other configurations like cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

WordPress is the most commonly used content management system. You need hosting to use WordPress on the web. You just need a Linux-based hosting account that supports PHP and MySQL to run WordPress effectively. But in basic shared hosting plans, platform-specific features and optimizations not usually included. WordPress hosting plans come with web application firewalls, automatic updates, SEO, and caching plugins. That's why most people go with WordPress Hosting for implementing ideal security, performance, and development practices.


The core difference between a “WordPress Hosting” plan and a standard “Web Hosting” plan for the hosting company is that they know what will be running on a specific server. Since they know what will be running, they can configure the server and allocate resources specifically for WordPress.


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The major difference between WordPress hosting and other types of web hosting are that WordPress is software whereas the rest are types of hosting. Let me explain: WordPress provides you software to download its web-hosting plan. This is not something shared hosting, VPS hosting or a dedicated server hosting provides.