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So I'm as giddy as a school girl right now.  Digital Ocean finally has servers in 111 8th street in the heart of New York City!  This is also the Google Datacenter downtown (Google now owns the building) and is known to have a great network.  I've been looking for a service here for a few years and I finally got one!  Here's the e-mail:

DigitalOcean is happy to announce the opening of our newest data center in New York City. 111 8th Avenue (NY2) is not only the third largest building in New York City, but is also New York’s Google building. In addition to significantly increasing East Coast capacity, this new datacenter brings DigitalOcean even closer to rolling out private networking for our customers, which will premiere in NY2!

Due to our tremendous growth, we are investing heavily in our infrastructure as we continue to add more capacity and new data centers throughout the world. Additionally, we have added a significant amount of server capacity in Europe. $5 per month, 512MB droplets, are, once again, available for deployment for all customers in Amsterdam.



When I first read the email I remembered seeing some threads where you were looking for a VPS in this datacenter. 


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Yep!  And I wanted that specific building as well.  I just deployed a droplet there.  Safe to say, pretty excited!  


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Ah, couldn't resist. The promo code URL in the email they sent me didn't work, or doesn't appear to be added to my account. But fuck it, added $5 anyway from PayPal and ordered one.


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By the way,

To those worried about how Google isn't renewing their tenants in this datacenter...  

To my knowledge Digital Ocean is with TelX at that location.  When I talked with TelX a few months back I asked them about that situation (Google not renewing tenants leases) and they informed me their lease doesn't end till 2018.  Now in 5 years we really don't know what'll happen, but for now we know it'll be there for a while.  

Edit: By the way the promo code is NY2SSD5, and it's supposed to credit 5 dollars into your account.  You can also open a support ticket and ask them to credit to your account that way as well.  

Edit 2: By the way, if you use this promo code (BEARFISH10) instead of the above one, you get 10 dollars instead of the 5 dollars they had in the e-mail.  
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I believe you can still use 'LET20' to get 20 dollars credit.

Edit: Location test IP + files for reference. 

New York

New York -

Amsterdam -

San Fransisco -
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