Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?


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Always. Both for security/convenience and because there is some censorship in my country too.


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Many people prefer using VPN because it is safe and lets you browse any website. Mostly web developers use VPS according to my information.

They have to be aware though that some hosts and websites block servers because they can be abused. I don't allow Colocrossing and Hostwind IPs. I don't use VPNs myself the government can track you with or without one.


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I'm usually working if I'm online, so I guess 24/7 VPNs here too, yes.

Laptops/phones are permanently vpned as well.


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I am one of those.... All the time and double buried on VPN.  Or intending to be.

Network segment has always on VPN and each machine has its own unique VPN.

Similarly, containers I run in-house have their own VPN.

What sort of VPN security do you run? I'm always a bit iffy about some 3rd party VPN service so don't generally use a VPN if it requires logging into things like email, social media accounts, bank stuff, etc. I've got a year subscription to PrivateInternetAccess and rarely sign in. Usually just use it for shit-lording on Reddit.


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PIA VPN to CYA for certain apps via proxy. On a recent trip I setup my PIA as a US VPN in Central America to use Google Hangout calling for free. So, I'm a selective VPN user.


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I used to constanty connect via vpn or Remote Desktop However Now I only connect to VPN When it is necessary. Like When I am dealing with clients or something to do with business.


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I run my own VPN and use it whenever I'm online. Laptop connects automatically at boot, I manually connect my iPhone/iPad when I foresee using it for more than five minutes. Reasons for doing so:

  • Security/conceal IP, keep those UDP floods at bay. (Yes, it's happened.. on my home broadband connection)
  • Better routing. I can connect to my VPN via LINX from most networks I frequent, alleviating any performance issues caused by congested transit ports.
  • Static IP allowing me to restrict/firewall access on other applications without locking myself out whilst at a relatives/friends/public Wi-Fi.
  • Public Wi-Fi - Don't want my traffic going over unsecured Wi-Fi unencrypted whilst using Maccies Wi-Fi/train Wi-Fi etc.


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I have it on most of the time. I travel a lot and would rather not have Google and other services nag me to verify "if it's me" over and over again.


I do use VPN for normal browsing and almost everything, except certain services and online shopping where they'd expect my home IP address.

Network connectivity/routing is usually better through the VPN for me.  Some routes perform better than others, so I use a VPN that has the best routing to/from my home and avoid the poorer performing routes.

The best routes for me land at peering with my ISP (Quadranet LA, and usually routes end up there).  Telia and Tata are so-so, perhaps medium quality, and NTT is usually the worst.


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Lately I've been using x2go a lot. My home isp has been doing some strange routing to the west coast. So it's been better to log in to an Atlanta server to browse anything on the west coast.