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Anyone sitting on current .com registration promos they can share/promote?  Seems to be a sudden pull back by registries on discounts.


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Eww, GoDaddy.

I just use, already pretty dang cheap. Also I was right next to their HQ in the Bahamas a while back and didn't realize it until later. :(

NameCheap also.
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Oh updated their website :) 

Pretty sure they still don't accept PayPal -- use to though... gree..


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There was actually a domain coupon monitor site i've stumbled upon before, afair it was shared on LET, anyone care to shed some light.


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Domainprice doesn't see to have many valid coupons that work or is that just some random love for me?


Have been using this for a while and have found it very useful to get domain coupon codes on just about anything from their email alerts. :D
I almost always use it for initial domain name registrations. For renewals and transfers I have been slowly moving all of my domains over to NameSilo for convenience. It's a really nice tool.