Domain sale VPS*****.COM - could be great for a listing or price comparison website


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(The above is an image. Please do not mention the actual domain name in the thread, as some buyers prefer it that way.)

Auction details:

- Bidding starts at $180.
- Minimum increment is $10.
- The domain will be sold to the highest bidder at exactly 48 hours after the last bid has been placed. In other words, no "sniping" and the auction will simply continue until people stops bidding.
- BIN (Buy-It-Now) is $350 and will end the auction right away.

- I reserve the right to accept or refuse any bids or offers at my discretion.
- Please don't bid if you're not serious and/or don't have the funds.
- Invalid, refused or retracted bids does not invalidate other higher/lower/equal bids.

- Any kind of offers received on PM will be posted (name kept anonymous and details generalized) in this thread for transparency reasons.

Payment and transfer:
- Free push to account. You can then transfer out to another registrar if you wish.
- You can pay by PayPal (gift) or Neteller transfer.
- Payment is up front and immediately. Like a day or two - not weeks.

There's also a Twitter account with the same name, but it's not part of the sale (that would be against Twitter's Terms of Service). I will transfer it to the new and rightful owner when the domain sale has been completed. Should go just fine, but I provide no guarentees due to the nature of those things.

You can confirm my ownership of the domain by emailing the contact email on the WHOIS. Yeah, the email looks a bit gibberish (it's a privacy service thing).

Any questions? Let me know :)


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"- I reserve the right to accept or refuse any bids or offers at my discretion."

The point of bidding then is? :popcorn:
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Haha, I knew it... I should have clarified that :) But wanted to keep it brief because it was already a lot of text.

But yes, what trewq said:

I think this rule is there to remove the bids from people who potentially may not pay or he has had previous bad experiences with.
That's pretty much it.

It's just there to protect myself against bad buyers and to be able to sort out odd situations. Hopefully that line of the terms will never apply. People are pretty nice in here.

I will, of course, respect the auction and bids placed.

As you can tell from the other rules, I'm really trying to keep everything fair and reasonable. I'm sorry if that one line gave the wrong idea. I'll phrase it better next time.