[Domain] SEARCH . SC (Search Source) is For Sale


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Over the last few weeks I have been in the process of organizing domains, deciding which domains to keep, which to renew, which to sell, etc. 

One of the more interesting domains that came up is "Search . sc" aka Search Source, similar to the popular (WHOIS Source).

This is a pretty cool single word short domain name that I actually like a lot but never had a good enough use or project for. This premium domain could have a lot of uses; search engine, scraper, data driven project, directory, etc.

If you are interested in this domain, shoot me a PM our contact us through the website in my signature. I am open to at least considering any reasonable offer in the 3 digit range. It's quite a nice domain name so it will be worth a bit more than $7 as you can imagine.  :p

It can be immediately pushed for free to any account (if you don't have a account you can make one for free in 1 minute and then transfer it anywhere you would like).

I did not see any specific forum rules for domain offers. If I missed them just let me know.

Thanks for looking. :)
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FWIW: .sc on Wikipedia. The extension is "Seychelles". TBH matt, I'm not sure you'll get a three digit sum, but I could well be wrong. Good luck!
I am quite familiar with .sc, what were you trying to point our on the .sc wiki page that you linked?

As I am sure you are aware, often extensions are used for things that they were not intended. For example .tv is the ccTLD for the islands of Tuvalu however it is often used for TV/Television and .it is the ccTLD for Italy however it is often used for IT/Information Technology. One way in which the .sc domain is used is as "Source"; an example of this is WHOIS Source at that I linked and that some people here may be familiar with.

I happen to think it is a great domain, thanks for looking tho :)
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.it is the ccTLD for Italy however it is often used for IT/Information Technology

.. I was under the impression that the .it tld actually required Italian citizenship (isn't this currently being discussed in another domain thread?);  if this is the case, I highly doubt that you could be exempted by telling them "I'm from the internet, yo!"

Same with .cat.  I think their requirement is something along the lines of having a certain number of pages available in the native language... you can't just claim "It's a website about cats and kittens, da ze" to bypass that.

(For the record, pretty much any cable/tv company I can think of uses proper .com/.net domains, and for the life of me I can't think of a single .tv domain relevant to your claim).


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This post is fine.. Proper area and all. Good labeling too.

Good domain name.    Registration isn't cheap and unsure about long term holding with regulations over the extension compared to citizenship.  Have been changes over the years with .sc domain regulatory body, so beware there.

Best of luck with this domain.  It is a premium domain since search is a strong and clear word.