[Domains] 'XEN . PM' & 'KVM . PM' are For Sale


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Over the last few weeks I have been in the process of organizing domains, deciding which domains to keep, which to renew, which to sell, etc. 


Two of these domains that may be of interest to users of this forum are "XEN . PM" and "KVM . PM".


These are both single word VPS targeted domain names. Could be useful for a VPS host, blog, forum, or website dedicated to either of these virtualization technologies. 


If you are interested in these domains, send me a PM here or contact us through the website contact page in my signature.


Price: $75 (for both) or best offer.


These domains are sold together so you can use both or use one and sell the other one to someone else.   


It can be immediately pushed for free to any InternetBS account (if you don't have an InternetBS account you can make one for free in 1 minute and then transfer it anywhere you would like).


Thanks for looking.  :)