DotVPS Semi-Dedicated Offerings?


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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to open a thread and ask of everyones opinion on semi-dedicated and how much interest there is?

We are looking at throwing up a beta-service node on which we will sell early access semi-dedicated VM's (KVM or VMWare)

If you have any tips, or ideas on price point & specification, please let me know.

We will most likely be making use of multiple E5620 CPU's per node.

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The idea is nice. There are always some people who try to find others to buy a dedicated server and to split it into 3 or 4 parts via KVM. They all fail because someone has to be the king of the dedicated server and trust is something that is not a shared good in WHT or LET.

It depends on the split rate and on the node you want to use.

My first thought was: KVM in UK .. great! VMWare in UK ... strike!

There are some offers in Maidenhead ( if you want to look into pricing above the 1 GB range.

Did not find a VMWare offer. So maybe you should stick with VMWare.

Might be quite a small market.


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Vmware is the shit! I have been waiting for it in the leb market.

Pricing and specs would be interesting.