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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We are back with our premium powerful and yet affordable VPS servers.

2 CPU Cores
2048 MB RAM
45 GB SSD Disk
2048 GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4
/64 IPv6
Free DNS Hosting included
Free 1 manual snapshot included
Location: Dallas
Price: $5/mo or $50/year
Promocode(Monthly): LET-It-GO
Promocode(Yearly): KVMXS-YEARLY
Order link: https://portal.drserver.net/?cmd=cart&action=add&id=148

4 CPU Cores
4096 MB RAM
90 GB SSD Disk
4096 GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4
/64 IPv6
Free DNS Hosting included
Free 1 manual snapshot included
Location: Dallas
Price: $7/mo or $70/year
Promocode(Monthly): LET-It-GO
Promocode(Yearly): KVMS-YEARLY
Order link: https://drserver.net/vps.php?pk_campaign=VPSB

Useful Info:
Free DNS hosting available with all VPS.
Free 1x manual snapshot available with all VPS.
Upgrades are available on our order form.
All offers are powered by Virtualizor control panel.
All offers come with 1 IPv4 unless otherwise stated.
VPS can be customized on the order form.
rDNS is available.
Custom ISO are possible through a quick ticket. We can load any OS you need.
We are an unmanaged provider, but we will do our best to assist with the configuration of your applications and getting your servers up and running.
The VPS are hosted on powerful E5 nodes with minimum of 128 GB RAM and SSDs in RAID-10.

About us:
drServer started offering service around November of 2013, so we're close to 7 years old now. We are a family-owned hosting company, ARIN Member and a RIPE LIR. We own all our hardware. The doctor is still here and still stronger than ever and can satisfy all your hosting needs.

Useful Links Section:
Terms of Service: https://drserver.net/termsofservice.php
AUP: https://drserver.net/aup.php
Ticket us: https://portal.drserver.net/?/tickets/new/
Forum: https://forum.drserver.net
Blog: https://blog.drserver.net
Discord: http://discord.gg/3H5RfvY
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drserver.net/
Twiter: https://twitter.com/drservervps

Q: Do you allow gameservers?
Because most gameservers generally attract (D)DoS attacks, we currently do not allow them on our network.
This also applies to voiceservers such as Teamspeak and Mumble.
Q: Can I run a VPN?
Private VPN servers are perfectly fine with us. Public ones, however, are not.
Q: What's your refund policy?
We do have a 30-day refund policy for your first service with us.
Q: What payment methods are accepted?
We accept payments via PayPal and BitPay.
Q: Do you have a test IP/file?
Q: Do you offer instant setup?
Servers on this offer are instantly provisioned, subject to stock availability.

Network Info:
Dallas, USA
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2604:0880:0052:0000:0000:0000:01e5:657b
Test file(IPv4): http://lg-dal.ipv4.drserver.net/100MB.test
Looking glass(IPv4): http://lg-dal.ipv4.drserver.net/
Test file(IPv6): http://lg-dal.ipv6.drserver.net/100MB.test
Looking glass(IPv6): http://lg-dal.ipv6.drserver.net/

All network ports have DDoS protection. Our bandwidth mix includes: Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, GTT, Telia, Equinix Peering, DECIX Peering, Private Peering.

Thanks for reading the thread!
Have a good day!


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I have been looking for a reasonably prices KVM in Dallas and the KVM-S fits my needs perfectly. I signed up and my system was deployed almost instantly. I get a nice 3-4ms ping from home, even through my ipv6 HE tunnel. Fastest server reboots I've ever seen, seconds from running shutdown to the system being at the login prompt. I had a support of support queries and they've been responsive. I'm a very picky customer and so far DrServer has met or exceeded my expectations.