drServer | XEN HVM | Dedicated Core | 1GB RAM | 30 GB HDD


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Hi to all,

We are providing Dedicated Core VPS Servers. Core that you can abuse as you wish, which you can try to kill in every possible way... In other words you can use 100% cpu all the time and XEN HVM gives you best possible client isolation.

For 6.5 USD per month you get: 

1 DEDICATED H/T Core of XEON L5639 @ 2.13GHz
1024 MB Ram and
30 GB Disk and 
1TB @ 1gbps on shared port

1IPv4 and bunch of IPv6 on request

Location is Kansas City // Oak Tower

Offer is limited to 10 accounts only !!!

!!! ORDER LINK !!!

Torrents, Thor, Porn, Warez, IRC, Public VPN, Unlicensed Software and all other illegal stuff are prohibited.

Windows are avaible if you have your own valid licence.

All orders are processed manually so expect your server within 24 hours after paypal payment. (usually few hours later)
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"1 DEDICATED H/T Core of XEON L5639 @ 2.13GHz"

Does that mean two threads or do you mean "1 DEDICATED THREAD"?


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Hi, Thank you for asking that. Offers on page that you have pointed are managed server /2 or /4 environments. Basically 2 or 4 customers per server. Main concept is

This allows us premium grade management, while keep hardware costs low...

Our low cost service like this will be sold under which is currently under development.