Easily integratable blog system


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a simple, relatively easy to use (this won't used by me) blog system that can be easily integrated into a existing website's template. It does not need to have all the extra features and garbage that WordPress has, like I said, looking to keep it simple and easy for these people.

Looking forward to seeing anything that will assist me.


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Does the client know HTML reasonably well and not afraid of the command line? I'm a huge fan of the static site generators that have become increasingly popular the last few years (Jekyll, Kirby, Phrozn - there are a lot).

If you'd rather keep it all web-based, with an easy to use backend, very easy to develop themes for; my vote goes to Anchor.


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One of my customers use modx, It looks interesting. Never really used it myself.
I used modx back in the day to build a guild page, seems to have improved a bit but it was pretty easy to use and had some decent features, but today I would probably choose WP over modx.