Email delivery issue when sending and receiving emails


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Hello, I've just switched to a VPS from Shared hosting. I have made the necessary configuration for the new server and my website is up and running, however I am not able to receive emails when send from the same domain. Ex. [email protected] sending email to [email protected] I am not receiving a thing. If I send emails from gmail/yahoo/hotmail etc there is no issue with the delivery neither there is an issue when sending emails to external mail clients again gmail/yahoo/hotmail etc. Is there something I can do? I am using VPS with CentOS7 no Cpanel just ISPconfig. Thanks
Hello RaidenX. As a starting point, I would suggest checking your mail logs. Use the command tail -f /var/log/mailllog. That should provide some insight as to what is going on.


Check postfix's error logs - do you see any errors?
Do you have a firewall running?
Is port 25 open on your droplet?
Are you sure you set up the MX/A records properly?