Embedding the DokuWiki parser into your website


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I don't know where to stick this, but I just want it out before I code my stuff.

With everyone making replicas of household names like SolusVM and WHMCS I might as well share this.

Use cases might include:

  • In-context help
  • A lazy man's documentation package
  • Something to add gags onto like ads that will content you to the very topMySQL support
Licensing note: DokuWiki is licensed under GPLv2. I am also licensing the code I've included in the post as GPLv2.


  • Get a copy of DokuWiki from and uncompress it.
  • Rename the folder to "doku".
  • If you want to edit files from the DokuWiki setup, get another copy and symlink your "working DokuWiki"'s folder to your "dumb DokuWiki"'s pages folder
Now, here's some code I hacked up. I did most of this while working on another project (which I stopped working on a while ago).

I've commented (most of) it so you can understand it.


// Include DokuWiki files
// We'll need these to parse the wikitext.

define("DOKU_INC", dirname(__FILE__) . "/doku/inc/");

require_once DOKU_INC . 'parser/parser.php';
// Create the parser
$Parser = & new Doku_Parser();
// Add the Handler
$Parser->Handler = & new Doku_Handler();
// Load all the modes
// You could strip some of these out ;)

// I would not advise removing:
// - notoc
// - listblock
// - preformatted
// - formats
// - code
// - unformatted

$Parser->addMode('listblock',new Doku_Parser_Mode_ListBlock());
$Parser->addMode('preformatted',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Preformatted()); 
$Parser->addMode('notoc',new Doku_Parser_Mode_NoToc());
$Parser->addMode('header',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Header());
$Parser->addMode('table',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Table());

$formats = array (
    'strong', 'emphasis', 'underline', 'monospace',
    'subscript', 'superscript', 'deleted',
foreach ( $formats as $format ) {
    $Parser->addMode($format,new Doku_Parser_Mode_Formatting($format));
$Parser->addMode('linebreak',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Linebreak());
$Parser->addMode('footnote',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Footnote());
$Parser->addMode('hr',new Doku_Parser_Mode_HR());
$Parser->addMode('unformatted',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Unformatted());
$Parser->addMode('php',new Doku_Parser_Mode_PHP());
$Parser->addMode('html',new Doku_Parser_Mode_HTML());
$Parser->addMode('code',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Code());
$Parser->addMode('file',new Doku_Parser_Mode_File());
$Parser->addMode('quote',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Quote());
// These need data files. The get* functions are left to your imagination
//$Parser->addMode('acronym',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Acronym(array_keys(getAcronyms())));
//$Parser->addMode('wordblock',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Wordblock(array_keys(getBadWords())));
//$Parser->addMode('smiley',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Smiley(array_keys(getSmileys())));
//$Parser->addMode('entity',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Entity(array_keys(getEntities())));
$Parser->addMode('multiplyentity',new Doku_Parser_Mode_MultiplyEntity());
$Parser->addMode('quotes',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Quotes());
$Parser->addMode('camelcaselink',new Doku_Parser_Mode_CamelCaseLink());
$Parser->addMode('internallink',new Doku_Parser_Mode_InternalLink());
$Parser->addMode('media',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Media());
$Parser->addMode('externallink',new Doku_Parser_Mode_ExternalLink());
$Parser->addMode('emaillink',new Doku_Parser_Mode_EmailLink());
$Parser->addMode('windowssharelink',new Doku_Parser_Mode_WindowsShareLink());
$Parser->addMode('filelink',new Doku_Parser_Mode_FileLink());
$Parser->addMode('eol',new Doku_Parser_Mode_Eol());
// Load the raw wiki document

// $doc is the full wikimarkup to parse
// You can be pretty creative here.
// You can have a private DokuWiki install to make edits.
// You can get data from MySQL and not deal with MediaWiki.
// However, the code below sucks.
// It's an injection waiting to happen.


if($_GET['id']=="") $_GET['id']="main";
echo "<h1>".$page."</h1>";
$doc = file_get_contents($page);


// Get a list of instructions
$instructions = $Parser->parse($doc);
// Create a renderer
require_once DOKU_INC . 'parser/xhtml.php';
$Renderer = & new Doku_Renderer_XHTML();
# Load data like smileys into the Renderer here

// Loop through the instructions
foreach ( $instructions as $instruction ) {
    // Execute the callback against the Renderer
    call_user_func_array(array(&$Renderer, $instruction[0]),$instruction[1]);
// Display the output
echo $Renderer->doc;


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