Epidrive launches Berry Servers


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Oct. 24, 2014

We (Epidrive) are happy to announce the launch of our new project - Berry Servers. Berry Servers offers affordable VPS servers with plans starting from $6/yr. Head on over to to know more. Thank you!


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I'm a little worry about the name of the $10/year package. It might infringe someone's intellectual property rights. 

Better save than sorry mate, and good luck with the new project.


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Not trusted ssl cert...

Only valid for,, *


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Don't really like the logo and the website is barren. There's some order links and a customer panel.

Your post nor your site tell me why I should choose you guys either.

Meh. Could be a nice brand, it could have used some more work before launching (or posting about) though.


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What browser were you using? We were testing CF could you check now?
CloudFlare takes up to 24 hours to provision SSL for newly added free domains. I think it starts activating as soon as you add the domain, so you should be able to wait to switch over DNS until it's ready. You can check the status in the SSL section of the domain's "CloudFlare settings" page.

The nice part is that it's a wildcard cert, so [SIZE=13.63636302948px]you only have to wait for provisioning once per domain[/SIZE].
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