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a friend of mine is searching for a Windows VPS in EU or on the west coast. Not much needed for a testing machine. He might be able to bring his own license (MSDN).
I did not ever searched / followed for windows offers so I kindly ask for recomendations.


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In order of recommendation (pricing below includes cost of Windows license)

NFOServers -excellent (InterNAP) network, Xen VPS's come with dedicated cores, east coast: NYC and Atlanta, west coast: Los Angeles and San Jose, Europe: Frankfurt, choice of Windows 2012/2008/2003.  2GB RAM/200GB disk/2 dedicated cores/8TB transfer for $19.99  (pricing is monthly, discounts of 10%-15% available for quarterly, annually).  Plans up to 16 cores/16 GB RAM/1TB storage/64TB transfer available

OVH Cloud VPS, KVM/OpenStack, France(Gravelines or Strasbourg), Windows 2012, 2GB/25GB/100Mbps €11.99, 4GB/50GB/100Mbps €23.99 (prices are excluding VAT)

Vultr: 14 locations, Windows 2012, 100% SLA (new), not cheap: pricing for 2GB/45GB/3TB is $32.00, hourly billing available

EDIT: 1 more

Oktay's brand from $12 ($9.60 w/coupon), Los Angeles/Orlando/Kent UK (all HostDime DC's)
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OVH prices are a little lower than mentioned (8 euro for 2gb etc) and they also have a Quebec location ( /, if of interest.  Their current cloud VPS is a new product so I don't know of anyone who has tried it yet, but I've been a bit intrigued by its high availability feature.  It uses the Ceph distributed file system on very fast SSD's, something like RAID except the data is spread across multiple machines in a local cluster instead of multiple drives on a single host.  I think that means if a node crashes, they can immediately reboot its containers on other machines in the cluster.  So they advertise a 99.99% SLA which is very high for a VPS (it will be interesting to see if they achieve this).