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About RoyaleHosting?
Welcome to Royale Hosting, a company established in 2019 in The Netherlands. Royale Hosting has grown to a company which provides services such as internet connectivity, DDoS protection, network management, game server hosting, web hosting and more. Royale Hosting has always been a trustworthy partner for clients, from individuals to large companies. Your experience is our number one priority.

In a glimpse?
Start without long waiting times and annoying delay mails. Your servers will be deployed within a couple of seconds to your desires. Plug ‘n play, that’s how we call it.

Our market-leading DDoS Protection?
At RoyaleHosting we provide the best DDoS protection in the industry, we're able to achieve this by having our own stateful firewall in combination with Corero DDoS Protection with a capacity of 2.5Tbps+. We will keep updating our firewall so everything is blocked, from small attacks to big attacks.

Why RoyaleHosting?
RoyaleHosting offers extremely strong DDoS Protection in combination with powerful hardware and an extensive/stable network. In addition, RoyaleHosting also offers top tier support so that your problems are solved within a few minutes.

⦁ Top Tier Support
⦁ Powerful Hardware
⦁ Enterprise DDoS Protection
⦁ Stable network

Our network

⦁ Netherlands
⦁ United Kingdom
⦁ Australia
Our network(In Progress)?
⦁ Belgium
⦁ Germany

Need help?
Our employees are always ready for your problems. We offer extensive support for all products such as Minecraft but also dedicated servers. Our support is also very fast, our average response time is 5 minutes or less.

⦁ Customer friendly
⦁ Fast
⦁ Experienced employees

Contact Information?
Email: [email protected]

The Netherlands dedicated server(With gamehosting):