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Alright so yes I saw this on Reddit.
This guy basically made a Media player (Audio and Video) in Excel, due to his work monitoring the processes running on his computer.  This is ridiculous.
Heres the file:
As written in the github post, this works in Windows 7 Office 2010 32-bit edition.  I got this working in Excel 2013 by adding "PtrSafe" between "Declare" and "Function" in the Visual Basics code of the player.  
(Reddit comment to work on Office 2013)

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8 hours ago

Bare in mind, I am NOT an expert in Excel or VBA; I have a rudimentary knowledge of these things based on prior tinkering and basic google searches. Try at your own risk.

Right-click on the ribbon at the top, click Customize Ribbon. Check 'Developer' in the main tabs on the right. Then click Visual Basic on the Developer tab on the far left. That should take you to the VBA screen. Alternatively, press Alt+F11.

Then, on the top-left, click the + next to VBA Project (Player.xlsm), type the password (1234), open Modules, double-click "Player". You should see what I type in my previous comment at the top. You essentially just add "PtrSafe" between the words "Declare" and "Function".

Mine appears to work now.

So... yeah this is RIDICULOUS