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Do you need super fast SSD VPS hosting service? is the place to order them at reasonable rates!

Choose Your Virtual Private Server (VPS/VDS):

VPS-XS - vCPU: 1 core, RAM: 2 Gb, SSD: 15 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $12/mo
VPS-S - vCPU: 2 cores, RAM: 2 Gb, SSD: 20 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $16/mo
VPS-M - vCPU: 3 core, RAM: 3 Gb, SSD: 30 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $20/mo
VPS-L - vCPU: 4 cores, RAM: 4 Gb, SSD: 40 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $26/mo
VPS-XL - vCPU: 5 cores, RAM: 6 Gb, SSD: 60 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $32/mo
VPS-XXL - vCPU: 6 cores, RAM: 6 Gb, SSD: 80 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $40/mo
VPS-XXXL - vCPU: 8 cores, RAM: 8 Gb, SSD: 80 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $49/mo
VPS-4XL - vCPU: 10 cores, RAM: 10 Gb, SSD: 100 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $59/mo

IMPORTANT! When ordering and paying for a server for a period of 1 year or more - you save 10%

Conditions that are provided regardless of the type of leased server:
Daily backup
Free installation
Network connection – unlimited, up to 100 Mbps
Guaranteed uptime 99.9%
Free OS installation and reinstallation
OS installation from a client’s ISO image
Control panel to choose from - cPanel or ISPmanager

Additional options:
Additional IP address: 5$
Additional 1Gb RAM: 2$
Additional Storage 5Gb: 5$
Control Panel – CPanel from 15$

Since it is impossible to describe the whole variety of configuration options, we have presented only 4 of the most popular on the website. In fact, you can order a server of any configuration and for any needs, and our professionals will assemble and install the required server as soon as possible

By ordering a virtual server (VPS/VDS) on our website, you can pay for it using any of the available options, from simple VISA to Webmoney or any of the most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether). Payment by bank transfer with VAT is possible for corporate clients from Ukraine. And of course, the main payment method is PayPal. We are constantly working on adding new payment methods, so keep an eye on changes on our website to not miss anything.

To ensure quality and continuous technical support for our users, we have a staff of skilled system and network administrators who will help solve any problem or answer any questions you may have 24/7. A wide variety of communication channels allows minimizing the time of contact with our support team. You may contact us directly on the Contact Us page or in any other way that you can find on the same web page

All our servers are connected to the network at a speed of up to 100 Mbps. It allows sending and receiving huge amounts of information per unit of time, which is necessary for the normal operation of high-load websites and services. We are guaranteed to provide one whitelisted IP address and up to 5 additional addresses for each server.

Our contacts:
E-mail: [email protected]