Favorite current Linux Desktop OS


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Having a personal OS installation party.   Bunch of random desktops overdue for wiping and restarting fresh.

Been not thrilled with Debian recently.  Many OS problems and retarded breaking stuff.

Linux Mint has been getting all sorts of love and seems active on development.  Just threw version 17 on DVD and installed.  Cinnamon interface... It keeps bombing crashing and ending up in Fallback mode.... so I am tired of that junk.

What are folks running for Linux on the desktop currently and liking?


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The distro gods have gone full blown retarded.

One distro I just went to download force throws you to PayPal in attempt to get some cashola. Staight popup.   I mean typically I run Javascript off, but retards and their sites don't work.

Another one, it requires CAPTCHA just to get the damn link for the torrent file.... so I can can CLI download without plucking the damn thing out manually...

Begining to think Microsoft isn't so bad afterall :)



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After using Debian for my netbook, I have installed 

Fedora 20 Xfce 

and love it for last 2 months. 

But for desktop I use win8.1 pro 64bit.
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I use windows as my main OS. In terms of Linux for desktop - I've always liked Ubuntu. Not a fan of Linux for desktop though, just personal preference.


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I use PearOS for asus laptop, and Debian on top of my Pentium at home, also for #! Crunchbang linux on top my oldest laptop :)


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xubuntu or Debian with xfce........... but I'm running on Win 8.1 due to a Windows Phone hackathon that I'm joining.........


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SolydXK has been growing pretty well, fairly nice OS to get up and running quickly with a more tested release cycle.

Debian with quarterly package releases to prevent breakage.


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Current Desktops in order of daily use:

Sabayon w/XFCE...gentoo based rolling distro

Linux Mint Debian Edition w/XFCE...semi-rolling distro (I don't go near the regular Ubuntu based Linux Mint)


Solaris 11 w/Gnome 2.30 (I've been a Solaris  user since v2.4)

Remote desktops:

Debian Wheezy XFCE /x2go for remote desktops. Windows or Mac in use for either personal or business


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I wanted a rolling release that had good source package building similar to Portage without all the jumping through hoops to install and configure. So I ended up using Manjaro as my main desktop for a little under a year now.