Favorite Hollywood Actor ?


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Marlon Brandon, but he died in 2004. I rarely watch TV. I suppose I've always liked Mel Gibson to some extent, he's done some decent movies, or participated in a few I liked. But no more Gibson these days. Ahem  <_<

Max von Sydow in The Seventh Seal:


Oh, and of course Terence 'Blue Eyes' Hill! How could I ever forget. I grew up watching his movies.


T.H is a legend  ;)
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Johnny Depp, hands down. He always does such an amazing job. Always plays a new and dynamic character that is unlike past rolls. Can't be typecasted. Very talented.

Trailers of my favorite Johnny Depp flicks for those curious:

Under rated but excellent movie with Johnny Depp as the lead. Also for those of you who are Neil Young fans, which you should be, the movie soundtrack is done by Neil Young. Also Iggy Pop plays a character...


A great book, a great movie. Watch it if you have not already seen it.


Such a GREAT movie, very very sad ending. Based on a true story. Depp is amazing in this. I need to rewatch. Also, Penelope Cruz... HELLO!


Whats Eating Gilbert Grape is pretty good. Also has Leonardo Dicaprio in it...

But one of my favorite movies contains some of the best actors... Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Not many movies I've watched more than once in theater... this is one I saw three times while still in theater:


Brad Pitt is a great actor, and does some excellent work. :)
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Mark Wahlberg.or Dwayne Johnson. But no, I didn't see Pain and Gain. D:

Nicolas Cage sucks, discuss.


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Ooooh, tough choice for me - either Al Pacino or Dustin Hoffman, although Pacino seems to be doing more comedy type films lately which, in my opinion, isn't his bag. Stay playing the bad guy / gangster and I am a happy man. On the other hand Hoffman can turn his hand to anything and does it well.

The new younger upstarts could learn a lot from both of those guys.


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ATM - Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar, Dallas Buyers Club, True Detectives (season 1) etc.)