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Hi All! Just wondering what you might do to help you identify good leads.

I've been working contacting local web design and development firms, offering my services. But, I haven't gotten a good result. The other tactic I've used is replying to people on Reddit who are asking for help; still, not good results.

Just curious if anyone has any tips or tricks they are willing to share :)


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Focus should be local to begin with.  I know several marketing firms who have been focusing on the local market (city-wise) and have been expanding from there.  There's good money in the local market and is easier to get into since you're physically there and most people like to put a human face with their interaction instead of a computer screen.  

That and making an informed bid for a project.  

Oh and networking.  I know people dislike this, but really knowing the right people and networking through them is important.  A colleague of mine got an opportunity to bid on a really sizable project (high six digits for two months of work) because he knew an individual who was involved in it.  

Also another would be identification and targeting.  One thing I've seen as a big mistake around here (not targeting anyone, just from my observation) is that many people only focus on the "profit" side.  They're willing to host anything as long as it makes them a buck.  This in turn draws them to look too big/wide.  They gain moderate success, but I think are really missing a valuable opportunity and spreads themselves out too thin.  In today's day and age, focusing on a larger surface area will simply dilute the market more.  Focusing on a specific nitch and then growing within that nitch until you're big enough to expand is a better method. 

Just my two cents.  


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I would recommend to have a niche product and then start contributing on their communities. Like for example: "VPS Wordpress Hosting" , give specialized services related to them and people will follow you - just need to have solid support services.