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Have you ever found Linux mundane, lacking excitement, or had trouble getting your floppy disk hard? Worry not, Suicide Linux to the rescue! With Suicide Linux, you can bring back all the excitement of your first time. Never again will your floppy disk be limp!

Good news everyone! With this limited time offer, Suicide Linux is yours for $0.00. That's right $0.00!

Click here to install: Suicide Linux

Disclaimer: Side effects may include loss of data, anger, uncontrollable crying, and erectile dysfunction.


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Haha. I was reading about this the other day on Voat, regarding some less common Linux distros. I wouldn't mind installing one on a VM and seeing how long I can go before I nuke the entire box by mistake.

Providers should offer Suicide Linux distro templates for customer use. Pre-compiled with software stack applications that will ensure you will get your website up and running, likely for months or years, but eventually you're going to do something via CLI and mess up and nuke the entire install.