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Hey guys,

So I'm digging through coding and I'm finding more and more issues, ie a script for previewjs/previewnormal.js that doesn't exist, pulling jquiryui from googleapi that doesn't exist anymore, and this little gem:

Basically I'd like to get the website re-coded and better optimized so it's not as sluggish, or just rework the existing code to something that makes sense.
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So... I hid my stupidity posts (If you want to see them then let me know) because I realized they were now off topic from the actual specific post (also to try and keep this thread off topic).

Sorry about this guys!  But for documentation purposes here's a screenshot of my stupidity:
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Just because it comes from ThemeForest doesn't mean the the code is good. The only reason I ask is because it has some non-standard comments in the CSS file.