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I tried most of tutorials available on many website like cPanel forum, etc and even upgrade/change Operating System but I was always get a 500 error pages frequently. Whenever my site take more then 10 to 20 second to load(heavy usage like running a cron job via php for long time) it start showing 500 error.

I even try to change/turn off suphp and many things but in this tutorial I will not talk about other method because of I think that you already tried all other method like fixing .htaccess code, permission of files, etc however If you want then you can try this and hope it can fix your problem.

How I resolve frequent 500 error?

After doing many experiments I was look at my CSF Firewall configuration and change setting of "PT_DELETED =" to "0" (Disable)


Why this error occurred?

"PT_USERMEM" was set to 150 MB which is to low and whenever my website try to use more then 150MB resource then CSF automatically kill process which creates a "Premature end of script headers" but If you will disable this option or increase PT_USERMEM to 400 to 500 then most of scripts will not use more then 400MB to 500MB and process can finish properly.

This is so frustrating for me when I can't troubleshoot technical problems and I never hire any programmer for fixing my problem but If you will try your best then nothing can stop you to fix your problems.

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