[FOR HIRE] 4+ yrs WHM/cPanel expert and Linux admin, $7/hr

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Hello VPSboard and business owners,

I'm currently looking for PART/FULL-time employment in the web hosting industry. My rate and hours are quite flexible. 

I would be more than capable to handle all L1 /L2/ L3 incoming tickets with 4+ years of industrial experience, while treating the customer with utmost care.

I am extremely comfortable working individually, or as part of a team. I can generate high customer satisfaction with my excellent customer service skills, and would be a great addition to any team looking for excellence.

* Expert with cPanel/WHM/Plesk/WHMCS/OpenVZ/SolusVM/CentOS, etc
* Available for Tickets/ Email/ Forums/ IRC etc,.
* Payment can be done on a contract/freelance basis - Hourly or static Monthly rate. 

If you are interested please add me : Skype ID shinymolhere or feel free to mail me([email protected]) with your project requirements, and an email/Skype to contact you on.

Available to join immediately.


Thanks and wishing everyone a good day :)


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If you want to take this individual on then his contact information is in the post. That being said, I see no reason for this to remain open so I'm locking it. Feel free to get in touch if you feel it should be re-opened.
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