[For Hire] Level 1/2 Support and or Tech Support


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Adding to what the title says. I'm also open to other positions.

A little background on myself. Since December 2012, I've been working in the vps hosting business. Started off working for another company, then moved to starting one myself to gain more experience in multiple areas. Since then I've been running a small hosting business(sugoi dot us). With that being said, I know quite a bit about virtualization platforms, and other areas that involve this area of business. For years I've also been dabbling in multiple areas of programming. I don't think I'd need much training/teaching if any at all, but if so, I learn at a very fast pace.

  • Experience with Virtualizor, SolusVM, Proxmox and HyperV
  • Experience most major OSes, both server and desktop(CentOS, Windows, etc.)
  • Experience with WHMCS, Hostbill, and various other billing panels.
  • Experience with customer service and quality of service roles.
  • Programming experience in C# and php

I'm able to help with support tickets, email, live chat, or any other form of contact.

I'm up on average 15-18 hours a day, so availability is extremely flexible. Part-time or full time.

If you find an interest in me or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me either via skype(jthebeast90), or email(jaredt741 at gmail).
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