[For Sale] HP EliteBook 8560p - $240 i5-2520M/8gb RAM/500gb HDD


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Yeah, I had to do a double take on the posting date thinking maybe it was an old post and he had droped the price at the other place.


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The price is higher here because people here can afford it?!
Very true, and that's why this VPSB user is prepared to offer you $2.10 for your $3 annual plan...$0.10 more than those cheapskate LET users have offered you. Do we have a deal?
I'll do $240 for it. Sorry about that... Reporting post for editing now :) It was a long night and I typoed.
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I have the 8460P and it's pretty legit. The 8560's are a little better, but not much. Good price though.