Freshmeat / Freecode goes dark


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I know we have a lot of open source and coding folks.

One of my old favorites - Freshmeat (more recently rebadged as Freecode) has discontinued service. The site is now being mothballed.

Effective 2014-06-18 Freecode is no longer being updated (content may be stale).

and they said:

  • The Freecode site has been moved to a static state effective June 18, 2014 due to low traffic levels and so that folks will focus on more useful endeavors than site upkeep.
  • The site contents have been retained in this static state as a continued path to access the linked software, much of which is on self-hosted servers and would be difficult to find otherwise.
  • Developers seeking hosting or ability to promote their Open Source software should consider SourceForge, as much of the Freshmeat-listed software currently uses that site.
So another one bites the dust, mainly due to buy out / acquisition / consolidation and they haven't the sense to divest of the asset.



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I don't quite understand what freshmate/freecode was about, though I looked at it sometimes.  Sourceforge (a terrible site) was pretty much killed by github (another terrible but slicker site). 


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Freshmeat was a really cool site back in the day that kept updates of new postings & software that got released.

It was a really useful way of finding new packages and such since sourceforges site was pretty terrible and there wasn't any real social media ways to brag about your new projects.

Back in the old days when Linux 2.2<>2.4 was the new shit, Freshmeat was crazy popular.



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Many an hour was spent reading on Freshmeat. It's a shame, really is.


Freshmeat was also a good way to advertise your open source software. My web sites got significant traffic spikes whenever I announced new release on Freshmeat.


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Well this just figures, another one goes down the drain.... Man I am feeling older and older these days. Seems like all the good hangouts are being replaced by these trashed, punked out, tween thingies. I will never understand I suppose and will never be "one of the cool kids".