Full Cabinet just $499 - Los Angeles, CA! 24X7 ONSITE Staff + COMPLIMENTARY REMOTE HANDS. (ChinaTele


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UPDATE: China Telecom has been added to QuadraNet's Los Angeles premium network mix! Message me to find out what this means for YOU! View Reuters Article is a leading provider of dedicated servers, colocation, and cloud services. We own and operate all our own server equipment, datacenter infrastructure, and network gear.

For the remainder of this month, we are running the following full cabinet promotion in our Los Angeles location only. This is not considered a "deal," this is considered a STEAL! Lock in your discounted rate today - this promotion expires on 8/31/15. Please note that QuadraNet also provides dedicated servers and cloud services in all of our datacenter locations - contact [email protected] or PM me if you need anything different! We are extremely flexible and can help consult & build your ideal solution.

42U Full Locking Rack Colocation 
20A 120v Power Allocation, 16A 120v Usable
50Mbps QuadraNet Bandwidth or 10TB Transfer (your choice)
100Mbps Network Port
UPS Battery Backup
Emergency Auxiliary Power Generators
100% Power Uptime SLA
/27 IPv4 Allocation - 29 Usable IPs
/64 IPv6 Allocation - Millions of IPs
24/7 KVM over IP On-Demand
$499/month, $0 setup fee
2-MONTHS FREE w/24-month term
3-MONTHS FREE w/36-month term
READY TO ORDER? E-MAIL [email protected]

All pricing and configurations above are only valid for new or addon services as part of this limited time promotion. You may not replace any current services with above promotions, however now is the time to expand your colocation base with QuadraNet by moving or deploying colocation with us!

Once again this promotion expires 8/31/15.

The QuadraNet Network
Using our years of experience in the industry and having used and tested essentially every network backbone available, our list of networks has been chosen based on the strengths each one provides both individually and combined with the rest of our networks. We KNOW what works, where it works, and how it should be used to best provide YOU with the highest performance available.
QuadraNet Los Angeles Backbones

GT-T/TiNet -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

PCCW/BTN -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

ChinaUnicom -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

Cogent Communications -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

Telia -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

NTT -- Transit -- 2 x 10Gbps - ONLINE NOW!

China Telecom -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps - ONLINE NOW!

AboveNet/Zayo -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

Equinix Exchange -- Peering -- 1 x 10Gbps

Any2Exchange -- Peering - 1 x 10Gbps -- Peering -- 2 x 10Gbps

HiNet Taiwan -- Peering -- 1 x 10Gbps

Plus hundreds of additional network peers

Included Remote Hands Services (Complimentary/No Cost):
# 24/7 Reboots
# Button Pushing
# Screen Readouts
# External Device Attachment/Movement (CDROM,KVMIP,Adapters,etc)
# Hot-Swap HDD Replacements / Additions
# Hot/Cold Swappable PSUs
# Blade Server Additions
# Initial Server Racking and Initial Cabinet Wiring Labor (client must provide rack rails when necessary and cabling/material)
Facility Includes:
# 100% Power Uptime SLA
# 99.999% Network Uptime SLA
# UPS Battery Backup Power
# Automatic Transfer Switching
# Caterpillar Diesel Backup Power Generation
QuadraNet Los Angeles Datacenters Feature:
- Largest tenant in 530 W 6th St.
- 60,000 + SQFT Private Footprint
- Occupying space on 6 Floors
- 24x7 On-Site Support Staff 
- Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Backups
- Caterpillar Diesel Generator Plant
- Directly adjacent to 624 South Grand / 1 Wilshire / CoreSite
- 432 Fiber Strands to One Wilshire MMR - Privately Owned
QuadraNet LA Colocation Network Features:
- Cisco Core Routing Infrastructure
- Redundant Network Cores speaking BGP
- Redundant uplinks to Cores on Distribution Layer
- Multi-Gigabit and 10Gigabit Network Paths
- On-Site Spare Inventory
- Customer Access Ports available at 10,100,1000 & 10,000 Mbps
- Network Hand-Offs Available in 624 South Grand (One Wilshire), 530 West 6th (LA Telecom Center) and 600 West 7th (Equinix)

Our support engineers are physically on-site and available 24 hours a day.

Our customers have grown accustomed to receiving an extremely high level of service, which is one that we strive to provide every single day. Our business depends on your happiness, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure it.

Want more information? Give us a call or email us:
Toll Free: 1-888-5-QUADRA (578-2372)
Email: [email protected]
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