Generic hosting related domains, good for white labelling?


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Well, not used them but pretty useful for white label hostnames for say reseller hosting? Guess you could use your imaginations! Domains to be sold together.

24 hour auction, so it ends at 21:00 UTC on June 4th

Domains are:


No reserve, minimum increment of a dollar.

Top domain was registered on 14th February 2013 and expires 14th February 2014 (registered with Mediatemple)

Second domain was registered on the 21st February 2013 and expires 21st February 2014 (With

Not too sure if I can push these domains to other accounts with the registrar, have to look that up.


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I'll start out on OHS for $1.

Didn't see that these are together. I'll still start at $1, and sell off the .eu domain to whoever wants it, because it would be 100% useless to me.
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If he doesn't respond, i'll give you $2 for them :) I didn't see this thread until it was WAY to late lol...