Getting new clients ~ How did you do it?

I actually have some good clients finally after 4 years and booting over $1000 of fraud orders I feel like im ready to process lots of more verified orders better. How did the host legends in the forum get the big break that got the real clients rolling in? Was it SEO, video ads, door to door, social or Adwords? Since I've been online main way I discovered most host companies when I needed service was by adwords and google search. How did you guys get the money ball rolling once your process and marketing was working? What countries are the best to advertise? What is the demographics to target? Thanks
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Most the providers I do business with I learned about from word of mouth. I don't think any of them run large ad campaigns that I am aware of.

Regarding the questions about advertising and demographics, if you're advertising on a platform that allows you to limit or choose your audience: Do it. I've done the same with vpsBoard when I ran Twitter campaigns. That way you can target specifically the people and countries that you wish to serve.

Another thing that I think is really under rated is just having a helpful presence on industry forums. I can't speak for others, but I myself would be much more likely to do business with a company who I see is actively demonstrating their knowledge and are helpful on forums.


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The trick is to show up daily, do the work and be generally visibile.   Be polite, responsive, etc.  Look for niches and opportunities to work / help others to get traction going.


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A combination of:

  • Helpfulness (i.e. not sig spamming)
  • Marketing basics (i.e. not providing everything under the sun at a "Green Value")
  • Good server management and support (e.g. don't piss off your clients by making them submit tickets all the time because you don't know how to monitor your servers) 
  • Patience
  • Honesty, transparency, and a genuine interest and care for your customers' and their businesses
You can tell when a web host is BS'ing, but the last bullet point will ring true when someone asks your customer whom they'd recommend. 


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Advertise weekly on WHT, help others on forums is how I get customers, even though most of them come from google and vendors. But when I was in the hosting industry that is what I did.


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Posting to Different forums, helping potential customers with issues they ask on forums. Giving informative answers to questions asked via live chat, or support ticket. Word of Mouth has to be the biggest way of getting customers.


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Posting on forums, collecting reviews from clients helps aswell.

AdWords is good as well but takes times and lots of funds to optimize your campaign .
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We need to admit that in most of the cases new clients are coming to you because of a good advertising. What helps me to sell the most of the services is email marketing campaigns (with appropriate promos of course), advertising our affiliate program, PPC and social media advertising campaigns. However, I would suggest starting with PPC and see how much benefit you might get from it.


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Post 200+ tutorials with at least 500 to 1000 word and it must need to related to your niche.

You will get many visitors from search engines. If you will add more high quality unique tutorial then google, bing will help you to get more visitors.


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This depends on your budget as well as the amount of time you are willing to put in. Affiliates, online presence in relative forums, and SEO is a good way to start. As you build enough clients, slowly start advertising on boards specialized in hosting, from there you may ladder up to more expensive and aggressive promotion like adwords and buying other companies.