Good podcasts?


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Give me something to listen to while I sit here and work. Usually listening to music, but that can be distracting when I need to change rooms on Turntable or go through my YouTube playlist of stuff I like. Would be nice to listen to people talking instead.

So, send me some podcast suggestions. Things like news/current events, comedic podcasts (but can still be informative), etc.


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Personally I really enjoyed the old Bungie podcasts when they did those.  I still listen to the old ones here and there.  


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NPR Planet Money -

NPR/PRX Snap Judgment -

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project -

NPR Wait Wait Don't Tell Me -

Freakonomics Radio -

Stuff You Should Know Podcast -

Good Job, Brain! -

NPR Ask Me Another -

NPR Economy -

This Week in Photo -

The Candid Frame -
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Never considered listening to podcasts while working, I normally just turn on spotify radio or pandora and listen to whatever.


Some of these might not be considered podcasts, but they are certainly good sources of news, and useful information. Some of them also have video feeds, but they really aren't required if you just want to listen. 

The Tek - A more in depth technology podcast which I really enjoy.

The Vergecast - Pretty much just a usual tech news podcast. Sometimes there is a little comedy mixed in.

Tekzilla - A very how to/Q&A podcast related to tech.

Lifehacker Podcast - They talk about things posted on Lifehacker, and answer a bunch of questions.