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    Sep 17, 2018
    You are looking for uncompromised performance, uptime, and privacy? Look no further!

    Here at, we do precisely what our name says. We are the 24/7 guardian looking over your Cloud Infrastructure and personal data.

    For your Sign Up, only your email address is required and any further information you chose to share with us, fall under our strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

    We have prepared a 50% LIFETIME discount, only for vpsBoard users, which is valid until the end of 2018.

    Coupon (apply during checkout): VPSBOARD50OFF

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    2 GB Memory
    1 CPU
    30 GB NVMe SSD
    Unlimited Transfer
    DEPLOY NOW - $ 5/mo

    4 GB Memory
    1 CPU
    60 GB NVMe SSD
    Unlimited Transfer
    DEPLOY NOW - $ 10/mo

    6 GB Memory
    2 CPU
    80 GB NVMe SSD
    Unlimited Transfer
    DEPLOY NOW - $ 15/mo

    8 GB Memory
    2 CPU
    120 GB NVMe SSD
    Unlimited Transfer
    DEPLOY NOW - $ 20/mo

    16 GB Memory
    4 CPU
    240 GB NVMe SSD
    Unlimited Transfer
    DEPLOY NOW - $ 40/mo

    Our Hardware and Network

    We are only using enterprise-grade HP-branded hardware. Our servers run entirely on Intel Xeon and NVMe SSDs in hardware RAID10 (with BBU!) which guarantees superior and consistent performance and data integrity.

    As our name already suggested, we are focusing primarily on Guarding our Clients privacy and infrastructure with proactive monitoring and state of the art Anti-DDoS Protection, which mitigates all Attacks, no matter the type, size or duration. We're also able to provide a custom Layer7 mitigation solution, tailored to your needs.

    The network is built on fully redundant network architecture, consistent of enterprise hardware from Cisco, Juniper, and Brocade as well a custom SDN solution which allows us to offer a 99.99% uptime, which we guarantee in our SLA.

    All our services come with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the channels mentioned above.

    Happy Hacking,


    Transit Providers
    AS3257 (GTT)
    AS2914 (NTT)
    AS6461 (Zayo)
    AS3356 (CenturyLink / Level3)
    AS6830 (Liberty Global)
    AS174 (Cogent)
    AS6762 (Seabone)
    AS33891 (Core-Backbone GmbH)

    Internet Exchanges
    AMS-IX (Amsterdam)
    NL-IX (Amsterdam)
    DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich)
    LINX (London)
    FranceIX (Paris)

    Private Peering
    AS5400 (BT - British Telecom)
    AS6774 (BICS - Belgacom)
    AS8657 (Telecom Portugal)
    AS24961 (myLoc)
    AS28971 (FIORD)
    AS50673 (Serverius)

    Looking Glass

    Speed Test