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50% OFF for Life || Free Basic Server Management || Free 1Gbps Uplink || Free Migration || Route Optimization || Las Vegas


Host4Geeks is an industry leader in reliable and affordable hosting solutions. We take immense pride in our leading customer service and support experience. We do not do things the “big guys” way, we take a slightly different approach. You won’t find us baffling you with corporate language, instead we take a more personalized and friendly approach to our services. This is what separates us from the rest.

We boast a 100% satisfied customer base hosting a large number of domain names.

:: Promotional Offer ::

50% Off for life: Come on board and experience the difference. For a limited time we are offering an exclusive 50% off for life across all out VPS services.

CODE: VPS50LOVE (use at checkout)

Free Basic Server Management: Install Linux and cPanel on your VPS and our technicians will manage several aspects of your server.

Free 1Gbps Port:Burst through our amazing route optimized network blend of the best carriers around.

Free Migration: If you are migrating from a cPanel VPS, sit back and relax while we take care of the entire migration for you.

Free Server Monitoring:Get access to our H4G Graphs server monitoring platform and get in depth statistics on various aspects of your VPS. Right from Network Traffic to I/O.

Your server is also monitored 24x7 by our Technicians and we will usually identify and fix issues even before you come to know about them.

H4G Graphs is provided for free to all our managed VPS server clients. After your server is online, just open a ticket and ask for your server to be added to our monitoring system.


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So, the most important thing. What about our support?

At Host4Geeks, our clients are our primary asset. You come ahead of everything else here. We promise a customer service experience that you will just fall in love with.We are here 24/7 and 365 days always ready to help you and solve your problems. Be it general advice or an emergency situation at 2:00 AM in the morning, our support is just a click away.

20 Minutes Average Response Times!

Let me share a few screenshot’s from our Support system that shows our response times:

::Now the plans::

Details about each plan can be found here:


CPU: 1 Core
Dedicated RAM: 256MB
vSWAP: 256MB
HDD: 10GB (RAID 10)
Bandwidth: 500GB Premium Bandwidth 

Price: $5.95 /mo $2.97 /mo

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CPU: 1 Core
Dedicated RAM: 512MB
vSWAP: 512MB
HDD: 30GB (RAID 10)
Bandwidth: 1000GB Premium Bandwidth 

Price: $9.95 /mo $4.97 /mo

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CPU: 2 Cores
Dedicated RAM: 1024MB
HDD: 50GB (RAID 10)
Bandwidth: 1500GB Premium Bandwidth 

Price: $18.95 /mo $9.47 /mo

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CPU: 4 Cores
Dedicated RAM: 2048MB
vSWAP: 2048MB
HDD: 80GB (RAID 10)
Bandwidth: 2000GB Premium Bandwidth 

Price: $35.95 /mo $17.97 /mo

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CPU: 4 Cores
Dedicated RAM: 4096MB
vSWAP: 4096MB
HDD: 100GB (RAID 10)
Bandwidth: 3000GB Premium Bandwidth 

Price: $49.95 /mo $24.97 /mo

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For any questions or queries feel free to drop me a PM or email at: [email protected]

**we perform phone number verification on all orders.



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Let me share a few screenshot’s from our Support system that shows our response times:
How about the average from WHMCS itself (free plugin) instead of picking tickets? Not saying I don't believe you or anything but still.


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How about the average from WHMCS itself (free plugin) instead of picking tickets? Not saying I don't believe you or anything but still.
We use Kayako now. Trying to generate an appropriate report :)
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So, what's the route-optimization about? Also you should probably just mention that you use Observium for monitoring (and the difference between monitoring/alerting)


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We offer both monitoring as well as alerting. For alerts we add it to our Cacti setup with threshold plugin or StatuCake as per the Client's wish and setup alerts to the clients email.

To know more about the route optimization or intelligent routing you can visit this link: