Hacking Transcend WiFi SD Cards


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I suspected from the beginning that the card contained some sort of embedded Linux system. If so, extending its functionality could be quite easy! But first I would need to take control of the system. I had only used the Android and iOS apps with it so far, but it was obvious that the easiest solution for interfacing with PCs would be a web app. The following thought came to my mind immediately: 


"If the mobile apps are so crappy, then so must be the webapp/webserver... maybe it is full of bugs, ready to be exploited."


Boy, was I right!

Can't believe that now even WLAN enabled SD cards can be used like that.


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Full wifi in a SD card??!?!?!?!   This sounds like fun!

Anyone own one of these?   What are the product sales features?? Being able to get to your data without unloading of the card basically?
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Yeah you can take pictures and send them directly to your device / pc, etc so you "never have to worry about space again!"


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I must say, this is the first time i heard of WiFi SD Card.

Just go through their website, the product seem to be quite cool (crappy built-in software aside)