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Hey everyone. Cleaning out the domain portfolio and have a few great domains I'm willing to sell. Not an auction, just a set price per each domain. Willing to entertain reasonable offers as well.

An incomplete list of domains I have sold can be seen here:

I will only accept PayPal, and only from trusted members. (Best VPS Coupons)
This keyword rich domain is the exact phrase many frugal shoppers use when searching for the best deals on Virtual Server hosting. I originally intended to use it to just throw up some random affiliate links but never really got around to developing it much. Great domain with great potential to make some $$$ from it.

Created on: 01/18/2013
Expires on: 01/18/2014
Asking Price: $150
Registar: NameCheap (DNS3D)
Domain was purchased on a whim, and later used as the hostname for a cPanel DNS cluster I was running. Was a learning project, and although I am fond of the domain am willing to sell it. Perfect for a hosted DNS service, free DNS, information about DNS, etc.

Created On: 11/28/2012
Expires On: 11/28/2013
Asking Price: $50
Registar: NameCheap (Optimize VPS)
What a great domain! How many times have you Googled something like, "optimize centos vps apache" or something similar? Great keyword rich domain that is easy to remember and even easier to brand. With good content, you should have no issue getting visitors to your VPS tutorial site or blog.

Right now I have the DNS pointing to someone elses site as they needed a domain temporarily for a test, so I need to remember who that is so I can inform them it's being sold if someone wants to purchase it.

Created On: 11/23/2012
Expires On: 11/23/2013
Asking Price: $50
Registar: NameCheap (BitCoin Name)
Late to the BitCoin scene, this domain was purchased for a BitCoin powered domain registar, likely reselling and including free WhoIS. Priced to sell fast.

Created On: 02/20/2013
Expires On: 02/20/2014
Asking Price: $30
Registar: Internet.BS (BitCoin VPS)
Same as above.

Created On: 02/20/2013
Expires On: 02/20/2014
Asking Price: $30
Registar: Internet.BS (Twitter Boost)
What a neat domain pack. Perfect domain for boosting sales via Twitter, reselling Fiverr gigs that promise more Twitter followers or anything related to Twitter!

Created On: 02/08/2011
Expires On: 02/09/2014
Asking Price: $100for all three
Registar: Internet.BS (With BitCoins)
Perfect domain for a content rich directory of things you can buy with BitCoins.

Created On: 02/20/2013
Expires On: 02/20/2014
Asking Price: $60
Registar: Internet.BS
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