Handling clients when you can't provide something (mail to MS)


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So, you've got a mail server, everything's working nicely with all major providers and a lot of small providers but you get persistent problems with Microsoft (outlook/hotmail addresses). Let's disregard why you (and a lot of other people) are having persistent problems with MS (even though settings/configurations are ok with all other providers, you've been through their postmaster service, you've tested your setup etc) and let's focus on how are you handling this with your customers. 

Of course, the ideal situation would be to GET compliant and that would be another discussion in itself.

Workarounds would include using an external email provider, like I'm doing now. Other workarounds include requesting your clients and their corespondents to add addresses to their accounts, make filters. But how is this being seen ? Of course this would depend on the customers and their needs (some would probably not even need to interact with MS accounts) but how would you approach a problem like this, where you can't provide a specific due to BLABLA ?