Happy Thanksgiving / Thanks for Taking


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Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in United States and the to the ex pats abroad.

To the native peoples of North America, happy Thanks for Taking or thanks for allowing the taking.

Everyone have plans to see their family and visit shut-in neighbors?  Or are we all working today too?


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I'm working.

But that's because the country I'm in doesn't celebrate it today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I'll drink a beer in all your honors!


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Working, I guess I am the shut-in neighbor :lol:

We have a quite diverse client-base, and try to maintain a normal ticket reply response of under 5 minutes optimally. Always under 10 minutes, PagerDuty is great for that.

Plus I'd rather cover for staff that's with their families. I'll watch a Community or Parks & Rec. marathon via Hulu + and Netflix

Cheers to everyone else working today & covering other workers who are with their family. B)


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The trampling at Walmart will happen tonight the cheap TVs happen at 6pm and 8pm. I am soooo looking forward to working there today... NOT.

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Indigenous Subjugation Day has a nice ring to it, I think.  Of course, HR is all shades of pissed at me for referring to it as such yesterday.


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Happy Thanksgiving, you American scum!  Work is dead slow, I've been watching the parade and reading the paper all morning.   I've already had my Thanksgiving last month but we're doing a mini-thanksgiving today because I missed both of them last year  :(

Got a nice ham in the slow cooker right now :) 


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On call starting Friday night, but enjoying food, family, and watching my Detroit Lions kick the crap out of the packers!