Harddrive Buyers - BackBlaze's Latest Drive Fail Rates


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Interesting read from BackBlaze - a storage / backup company.  They track their drives deployed, failures and total hours operated.  

This is their latest breakdown.  They tout Seagate even though data appears to me to show Seagate failing higher than say HGST.  Western Digital appears to be failing on them more than I see elsewhere.

Interesting read for those of you buying newer multiple terabyte drives for production environments:
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Something to keep in mind also is that 5400/5900 RPM drives are generally more reliable than 7200 RPM drives, and most of their newer Seagate purchases are 5400/5900 RPM.  So, even though Seagate seems to have improved, it is at least partly because they are using drives that are less prone to failure anyway.