[HeroicVPS] KVM Specials Through November


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Offers Available:

  • Price Match any KVM/XEN
Terms for price match: 

  • Must provide invoice or link to public offer on their website (not a non descriptive billing system link) and provider in business for 12+ months
  • VPS offers only, EX: no 'backup' based VM offers.


  • Phoenix, AZ (west) - PhoenixNAP
  • Ashburn, VA (east) - PhoeinixNAP/Latisys


  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
VM sales are final and managed at your direction. We bill pro-rata

Existing Customers:

Existing customers may contact us to take advantage of discounted upgrades or price match new orders.

sales \at\


  • IP6 Not Yet Available
  • ISO on request
  • TestIPs on request
  • Our billing system is not on the same domain!
  • Uptime for 2013 - 100% - 10 Minutes of packet loss in phx during switch replacement.
Example Configuration:

You buy 512MB RAM, 30GB Storage, 1TB Bandwidth, 2IP4, 2vCPU - $7/m with coupon

You can make up to two VMs

  • 1x 512MB, 30GB Disk, 1TB Bandwidth, 2IP, 2vCPU
  • 2x 256MB, 15GB Disk, 500MB Bandwidth, 1IP, 1vCPU
  • 1x 384MB, 1x 128MB
1 available IP and 1 Available CPU required for additional VM

Pooling cross locations is not yet available, you will need a active service pool for each location.

Direct Purchase


sales \at\

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Long time no see Rogan! Are you still planning on a Tennessee location?