Highspeedweb | $7 2gb OpenVZ SSD cached East Coast


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Verified Provider has been providing hosting, dedicated servers and VPS since 1999 and owns all it's equipment.

SolusVM OpenVZ VPS 
OVZ2048 SSD Cached
100GB Disk
2048GB Bandwidth
2048MB Memory
1 IPv4 Address
1 Ipv6 Address
$7 Monthly Order NC

Addon cPanel for $11/mo KVM $10/mo OpenVZ
Addon DirectAdmin $5/mo
Addon Softaculous $1.50/mo
Addon WHMCS $12.50/mo
Additional IPv4 Address $2.50/mo (With Justification)
Addon IPv6 no charge

About our VPS
We offer cPanel as a semi-managed service, meaning we will take care of your server, you take care of your code. 
Service provided in Charlotte NC (Caro) 
Test file 

Acceptable payment options are PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal, Payza, Amazon Simple Pay, Check/Money Order (US Funds drawn on US Bank)


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Timmy! Is that you? :)

Is this mega fatso sized plan something new from you or have you been offering this for a bit - at this promo price?  

Welcome to the VPS resource wars either way.


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Yep, that sure is Timmeh, never thought he would venture into the resource wars but I trust that he will do it well. Intersting to see that he bought the company which I think he used to work in.

Anyway, nice offer, although I'm craving a slice of KVM from you. :p


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Man, that is an ugly website. If I didn't know that Tim was running it, I would never even think about buying it! This is a great deal though. I might have to get one!


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I like the dated old school @dclardy.  I am tired of seeing the same old web 2.0 style designs that are white space heavy and empty.

Not many companies make sales on design alone.

I've seen ample anti-design sites that have alarmingly big business.

As always, balance is best for most.   But the middle of the pack is grayland and people do what they do imitating others as a form of insurance.

I noted this, since the offer wasn't under Tims better known in the industry brand :)